Shoulder Surgery: How to Cut a Shirt? Update 05/2022

Shoulder injuries are common. Many of these injuries necessitate surgery as well. As a result, the way you move your shoulder and arm changes, making standard shirt designs difficult. A few pointers will assist you in adjusting your clothes so that you can move more freely without injuring yourself.
How to cut a shirt for shoulder surgery: One option is to place the affected arm’s sleeve over the wounded arm and shoulder. Then work the shirt over the rest of your upper body with caution. This eliminates the need to change your present shirts.
Continue reading our article for more information on how to cut a shirt for shoulder surgery. It contains all of the necessary information as well as other helpful hints. Shoulder surgery should not detract from your appearance.
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Tip #1: Purchase T-shirts in larger sizes and cut the shoulder from the neck to the arm. The Velcro straps are then attached to the open side. This will make it easier to enter and depart your clothing. Make sure the sleeve is also cut.
Tip #2: Sweatshirts with broad sleeve holes are ideal for wearing. To widen the opening for your arm, simply take a little fabric away underneath the arm. Remember to stitch in certain seams to prevent fraying and other issues.

What kind of Shirt to Wear After Shoulder Surgery?

Front-opening shirts are the easiest to wear after shoulder surgery. Button-up shirts are easy to put on, move around in, and get over your wounded shoulder. Just make sure someone is there to help you button the buttons.
An altered T-shirt is another good option. Simply choose the largest size available so that your arm has enough room to pass through the sleeve. T-shirts are very easy to change when you need additional room while still looking fashionable.
After those two options, you can wear very loose-fitting clothes, such as a sweatshirt, while recovering from shoulder surgery. Camisoles with an integrated bra are probably the greatest apparel to wear when your arm is paralyzed for women.
The less straps you have to deal with, the better. Strapless bras are also the best undergarments to wear after shoulder surgery. To assist you, there should be a good assortment of apparel on hand.
If the worst comes to pass, you may always make the appropriate cuts to make it simpler for your arm to slip into and out of the shirts.
Tip #3: Wear the largest and loosest clothes you can find. You also want comfortable attire and shoes. The fewer movements you have to make with your shoulder, the better.

Other Shirts You Can Wear After Shoulder Surgery

Sweatshirts with broad arm sleeves that fit loosely are a wonderful alternative to a normal dress shirt. Dress shirts have a front opening, but they are costly to replace if you have to tear them apart while recovering.
Another option is a sweater, which can be fairly loose-fitting. Furthermore, they are incredibly fashionable, allowing you to seem fantastic whenever you go outside. Warm-up tops are another option you have if you are an athlete or enjoy participating in team sports for enjoyment.
Pajama tops can also be considered. If you’re not planning on going anywhere, these are quite soft and flexible, giving you plenty of room to maneuver. You should be able to come up with a number of decent ideas if you set your mind to it.
Although it is recommended to avoid zippers, zippers are more manageable than buttons. Also, choose what feels good against your skin. You already have enough pain and other problems to deal with, so it’s not a good idea to add to the mix.
Tip #4: If you’re a lady, go strapless. When your shoulder is being repaired, bras will be your biggest clothing difficulty. Strapless bras are the finest option for everyday wear and may be more comfortable.

How to Make a Shirt for After Shoulder Surgery

Remove the buttons from a regular dress shirt or a front open shirt to build your customized shirt. The next step is to cut some Velcro into little strips. Just make sure they’re not too short.
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Cut the shirt on the damaged shoulder side after stitching the Velcro on to allow for better placement of the shirt. Close the two sides together with more Velcro straps to keep the shirt on securely.
Another option is to acquire some extra-large T-shirts and trim the neck to shoulder seam. Simply leave the top of the sleeve uncut, as you want it to stay in place to keep the T-shirt on.
To make the hole larger and easier to slip your damaged arm through, cut beneath in the armpit area. Cut the wounded side of the shirt down a little and put Velcro strips on both sides to close the garment once it’s on your body.
It only requires a little time, patience, and sewing ability to make the shirt. It’s easy to make a mistake and cut too much, so proceed with caution and patience.
Tip #5: Velcro is perhaps the most effective fastening. If Velcro isn’t available, snaps are the next best option. Both of them reduce the amount of arm movement you make.

How to Cut a Shirt for Shoulder Surgery

Using scissors to cut the shirt properly is one option. The only danger here is cutting too much and rendering the sure unusable. Start at the neckline and work your way down to the top of the shoulder using your scissors.
Make sure both sides are hemmed to prevent fraying or stray threads from unraveling and ruining your work. When sewing the Velcro on, make sure the smooth side is near to the skin.
The rough side can be sewed half opposite the smooth side attachment on the top of the T-shirt. Make sure to put your damaged arm first when putting on your new t-shirt.
Your head is next, followed by your good arm. Simply reverse the process while removing the shirt. If your sewing scissors are too big for the job, you can always cut the stitches with a sharp knife or a seam ripper.
Find the most convenient method for making these cuts. The trick will be to take it slowly and not rush. If you make a mistake, you may have to start over with a new T-shirt.
Tip #6: When modifying your shirts, think of all the other things you have to accomplish throughout the day. Make sure the changes will work in all of those scenarios.

How to Alter Clothes for Rotator Cuff Surgery

It’s not so much about trimming your garments just so as it is about switching to various clothes to wear. Take, for instance, shoes. Instead of lace-up shoes, choose slip-ons or sandals with a single strap to keep them in place.
Pull-ups with an elastic waist are ideal for pants. You can wear tracksuits, but the strong tie may be difficult to tie if you don’t have somebody to assist you. A camisole with a built-in bra will make wearing underwear much easier for ladies.
If you don’t have one, seek for strapless options that will get the job done without sacrificing comfort. Stretchy nightgowns are also great to wear at night when you’re at home.
The key to success in this situation is to plan ahead and examine your daily activities to determine what garments you should wear and which ones you can get away with. Keep in mind that you’ll have to deal with restroom tasks, and you’ll require the appropriate attire for those scenarios.

How to Put a Shirt on After Shoulder Surgery

Whatever type of shirt you use to accommodate your damaged shoulder, the technique is the same. This method is for using an adapted pullover shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt, for example.
It is preferable to put your shirt over your wounded shoulder first. This eliminates difficulties and makes things easier for you. After then, you must pass your head through the opening. Your good arm is the last to go through the opening.
Simply reverse the technique when you want to remove the shirt. In order to wear an open front shirt, you must first put your damaged arm through the opening. After that, wrap your shirt around your head and neck.
Then you pass your healthy arm through the opening. It may take some getting used to, but your shirts will soon go on as quickly as they did before your surgery.
It’s best to have some assistance when wearing a button-up or t-shirt. Especially in the weeks following surgery. If you have to do it on your own, it will be unpleasant and awkward to get everything in place.

Tips for Changing Shirt After Shoulder Surgery

Practice, practice, practice is the finest advice you can get. You can even begin before your procedure to become used to changing your shirt without assistance.
Even if you have two good arms, dressing one-handed is difficult. So, before you go to the hospital, spend some time getting your post-surgery shirts cut and ready to go. It’s always a good idea to be prepared.
Dressing will be considerably more difficult after your surgery, so take your time and practice. After that, keep the post-surgery shirt design simple. It should be as straightforward as possible.
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This will prevent you from injuring yourself again and delaying your recuperation. You will also be less annoyed. You’re going to have a difficult time recovering after surgery, so don’t make things worse by wearing difficult-to-use post-surgical clothing.
The final piece of advice is to choose soft fabrics for your shirt. Give yourself a rest and keep the textiles pleasant and soft because your shoulder will be uncomfortable enough.

Buying Rotator Cuff Surgery Shirts on Amazon

On Amazon, you can get rotator cuff surgery shirts. You might not like the pricing, as the ones we saw cost about $40. Furthermore, there are enough for both men and women to use, so you should not be disappointed if you purchase through Amazon.
Even if there is a mistake, the company has a wonderful customer service policy, so you should be able to get it fixed promptly. One thing to keep in mind is to order yours as soon as possible.
Nothing is perfect, so leave yourself enough time to remedy any mistakes made in the shipping and handling department before heading to the hospital. It is not a good idea to be caught without one.
Simply spend some time browsing the site until you locate one that meets your requirements.

Where to Buy a Shoulder Surgery Shirt

One of the benefits of the internet is that it has expanded your options for finding what you need beyond your local retailers. Before the internet, finding shoulder surgery shirts required relying on local department stores, specialty shops, and friends or relatives.
Not now. A fast internet search will reveal a plethora of options for finding the appropriate shirt at the right price all around the country and the world. These opportunities are ideal for folks who do not know how to sew or do not know anyone who does.
Amazon isn’t the only website that can help you open doors. Furthermore, Amazon’s selection may be limited. Etsy may offer a larger selection of shirts to choose from to keep you comfy while you recover.
Then specialised retailers, such as Medical Rehab Wear, will offer fantastic shirts to buy that are tailored to your needs. Then there’s Silvert’s, which sells post-surgery clothes for both men and women, including shoulder procedures.
One thing is certain: when it comes to purchasing a shoulder surgery shirt, you will not be disappointed. If you can sew, the fabric stores should have everything you need to make your costume one of the best.

Shoulder Surgery Makes Changes

Aside from your attire, shoulder surgery affects your entire lifestyle. Even though they are not entirely fabric-related, we would be remiss if we did not note some of these changes.
1. Pillows – you’ll need a lot of them to keep your arm and shoulder comfy and not shift around too much.
2. Shower chair – You don’t want to move around too much in the shower since you risk hitting your shoulders on the tiled walls.
3. A movable showerhead is essential for keeping your shoulder and bandages dry. This handy tool will assist you in doing so while keeping your shoulder secure and still.
4. Other bathroom accessories – Because showers aren’t your only bathroom activity, you should be prepared to satisfy all of your demands and have all of the necessary products on hand.
5. A decent sofa or a recliner, for example. For a while following the procedure, sleeping in your bed may not be an option.
6. Blankets – this is for when your procedure is scheduled during the winter months. Your incision will be protected from the risks that occur with chilly temperatures if you have a lovely soft comfy throw.

Final Thoughts

Shoulder surgery disrupts your daily routine. Being prepared for when it occurs is a prudent strategy. One approach to save time and be highly practical is to make your own shoulder surgery shirts. You can customize them to fit your personality and requirements.
They are simple to construct and may be altered to fit your current wardrobe. The task can be completed with a little time and patience. When you can’t sew or don’t have time to perform the task properly, you can go online and shop at Amazon or other stores.

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