15 Quilt Patterns For A Windy Storm At Sea That Won’t Rock The Boat Update 05/2022

Today, we’ll take a look at the undersea fun of the stunning Storm At Sea quilt pattern.
If you don’t remember the name, don’t worry; we’ll go through all the specifics of this quilt pattern and show you 15 wonderful examples of this seemingly fluid design.
The pattern may appear challenging at first glance, but if you examine the storm at sea quilt blocks closely, you will notice that they are all comprised of straight seam blocks.
There are none.
Let’s look at this quilt pattern in more detail.

What Is a Storm at Sea Quilt?

When you think of a physical storm at sea, what comes to mind? Movement? Waves crashing and rolling? That is the effect that this quilt design is aiming for.
This quilt pattern has traditionally only two types of blocks: the square in a square block in two sizes and the diamond in a rectangle block. Variations have been made, however they all employ straight seams rather than curved ones, making this a pleasant novice project.

Who Designed the Storm at Sea Quilt Pattern?

Specific quilt design histories are always a little shaky. The genesis tales of many popular, traditional quilt patterns have been buried in the sands of time because they were not well-documented.
The origin of the Storm at Sea quilt pattern is unknown. During the Great Depression, many quilt blocks and patterns were named and produced, and one of the writers at scrapdash.com was able to locate a newspaper clipping showing the pattern for the various components. Eveline Foland contributed this clipping from the Kansas City Star.
Whether she is the original creator or not, this pattern has been around for almost a century, which is incredible in and of itself.

How Do You Make a Storm at Sea Quilt?

You have two possibilities, just like any other quilt pattern. You can either design the pattern yourself (or draw it by hand) using quilting software, or you can use a pre-made pattern that you must pay for or one that is free.
After you’ve decided on a pattern, the fun part begins: selecting fabrics. If you buy or utilize a free pattern, the designer will almost certainly provide fabric requirements.
You’re ready to start sewing your quilt now that you’ve gathered all of your fabric, thread, and batting. Follow the storm at sea quilt tutorial step by step until the top is finished. Then quilt it to your liking, bind the edges, and enjoy your beautiful new quilt.

How Much Fabric Do You Need for a Storm at Sea Quilt?

I definitely recommend getting a pattern if you are a newbie quilter or don’t like doing the math to figure out how much fabric you need for a given project. It is customary in quilt patterns for the designer to provide fabric requirements for their patterns. Some even list several sizes and their requirements.

15 Storm at Sea Patterns That Are Easy and Breezy

The original design as well as various storm at sea quilt pattern variations are included in this list. Keep in mind that all of the curves in these designs are an optical illusion. To produce these distinctive, “moving” motifs, there will be no curved seams to sew.

1. Robert Kaufman Free Storm at Sea

Robert Kaufman has provided a free PDF pattern file for download. The pattern is a traditional Storm at Sea pattern in a stunning ombre palette of neutrals. This pattern will guide you through making a 65″x80″ quilt.

2. Heartwaves

For combining the Storm at Sea blocks with the Ocean Waves border, this designer is a genius. This quilt is full of movement and fluidity, not to mention the lovely hearts produced with many color changes.

3. Smooth Sailing

Batik fabrics are used in many Storm at Sea quilt patterns, and this quilt top is no exception. If you’re searching for a simple ocean-themed quilt pattern, this is a fantastic option.

4. King of the Blues

If you already have some quilting experience, King of the Blues is a great pattern to try. This design includes five different layouts and demonstrates how to make 120″x120″ king-size quilts.

5. Purple Vortex

This is an AMAZING example of a modern quilt made with a traditional design. This quilt designer added even more contemporary intricacy by stitching in both straight lines and circles.

6. Rainbow Waves

This is a free downloadable pattern that is best suited for intermediate to experienced quilters. This tutorial will show you how to make a quilt top using both paper piecing and traditional piecing techniques.

7. Sunset Storm at Sea

This pattern includes a template for a 15″ square that you can reproduce and use to build any size quilt. The template is a cut-and-paste document that you may use to make your blocks.

8. SewnUpPatterns Storm at Sea Pattern

This five-page pattern demonstrates how to use foundation paper piecing to produce this striking quilt design. The pattern was designed to make a modest 45 12″x45 12″ quilt top, which is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to tackle a large job.

9. Making Waves

This gorgeous quilt pattern is completely free! The finished quilt will be 90″x90″, making it suitable for a twin bed or an oversized throw quilt.

10. The Forever Quilt

With the exception of the wave border, this pattern is very similar to #2 on our list. This pattern comes in two sizes: queen and throw, and is more beginner-friendly.

11. Quilt In a Day Storm at Sea

This design is available for free download or shipping for $2. With incredibly detailed, well-written instructions, this pattern will show you how to make one of these wonderful blocks.

12. Tsunami

Tsunami is a massive Storm at Sea quilt pattern that imitates the movement of ocean waves. This pattern is available in three sizes, and the designer states that if you require a new size, they will email you an updated pattern.

13. Rainbow Prism Storm at Sea

This rainbow-themed Storm at Sea quilt design is vibrant and warm, and it’s magnificent and breathtaking. The pattern includes instructions for making a 46″x72″ throw quilt.

14. YellowRoseQuiltCo Storm at Sea Pattern

With the Storm at Sea design, there’s another pattern with wave borders. This pattern comes in three different sizes, and all three sizes utilize the same size blocks, so you can easily make a larger or smaller quilt.

15. Our Hearts Will Go On

Isn’t having two hearts in the design a beautiful feature? For a happy couple, this would make a lovely wedding or anniversary present. There are two sizes in the pattern: queen and throw.
I hope this essay has clarified any misunderstandings about what a Storm at Sea quilt pattern is and what kinds of variants you may do with it.
Blues and purples are common color palettes for this pattern, but consider combining many hues to create a unique design. Hopefully, this has gotten your quilting wheels spinning and has inspired you to make your own Storm at Sea quilt.
Best wishes for quilting and sailing!

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